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About Montriel

Hi, I'm Montriel V. Jamari.

I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, and my full time work is counselling couples who are fighting, failing, or giving up.

I have helped thousands of people from the public and private sector over the past 25 years and I've honed incredibly effective methods that I want to share with more people than I can see in person - this motivation led me to create this online course.

You are going to change the way that you think about yourself, think about yourself within the relationship, see your partner from a different perspective, and you will soon be able to work through problems in a totally differently way than before.

I know what works and what doesn't, but I also know that it takes work, care, and patience.

If you've got that, you can do this!

Let's work together to make this relationship more rewarding than you dreamed was possible.

Featured Course

Catching the Little Fox

$250.00 USD

"Catching a Little Fox" is an online video course that consists of seven video chapters. It's a new, unique therapeutic method for learning effective ways of building intimacy, creating goals, working through circular arguments and preventing them, how to work through inner conflict and understand the struggle that's going on inside you, in ways of communicating their inner needs.

Expert-Led Self Sessions

Downloadable Expert-Led Sessions offer a convenient and accessible way for individuals to acquire expert knowledge and skills in various fields. Whether you're looking to enhance your professional development, explore a new hobby, or deepen your understanding of a subject, these sessions provide a valuable learning experience.

Investment Model of Commitment

$7.00 USD

Important People in my Life

$7.00 USD

The Gratitude Jar

$7.00 USD

Givers, Takes and Matchers

$7.00 USD

The Openness Exploration Wheel

$7.00 USD

Challenging Relationships

$7.00 USD

Types of Abuse

$7.00 USD

The Feelings Wheel

$7.00 USD

Finding Your Love Language

$7.00 USD

Fostering Intimacy Expert Led Self Session

$7.00 USD

All Courses 

Catching the Little Fox

$250.00 USD

Building Trust | 7 Day Email Course

$27.00 USD


"Montriel Jamari is a discerning, empathetic, and highly effective communicator. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions and am always looking forward to the next one. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking help with getting through tough situations."


Jennifer Fuller

"I give Montriel a great review! I highly recommend him. He helped my son and my family during some tough times not only during at the campfire aftermath but before. He is very easy to work with and my son absolutely looked forward to their sessions. He also took the time to connect with me as a mother and my other children with tools to help us help each other. Valuable sessions."


Samuel Geddie

"Monty is a phenomenal family therapist and has helped us immensely as we try to navigate through turbulent times. He shows great insight and understanding into family dynamics and the need for everyone to be heard and understood. My family wouldn’t be where it is now without him."