your relationship can survive anything with the right skills

no matter where you are in your journey together

Are you getting married and want to start on the right foot?
Do you want to build greater intimacy in your partnership?
Are you on rocky ground and want to save your relationship?

Because love alone only gets you so far...

Learn the skills they never taught us at home or school (but boy don't we wish they had?)

It's the online course that explains and demonstrates:

  • Effective ways of building intimacy in your relationship
  • How to communicate your needs without starting another fight
  • Building a solid foundation for yourselves
  • The best ways to work through inner conflict to understand what's going on inside you

the foundation of every successful relationship.

All relationships are fine until they're not

Your relationship will always benefit from learning effective communication skills and putting them into practice.

Relying on instincts never really resolves the inner conflict that is going on inside each of you.

You might find yourself thinking "what's the point? I don't want to concede any more ground, and I don't even know if Iike them anymore, let alone love them!"

Be assured, that's not your true self talking. That's your defense mechanism, and it's good at its job!

There is hope for every relationship, because the love you started with is still there, under the piles of mess... and this online course contains everything you need to calmly work through issues and come out stronger and more content both as individuals and in partnership. 


Let me help

I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, and my full time work is counselling couples who are fighting, failing, or giving up.

I have helped thousands of people from the public and private sector over the past 25 years and I've honed incredibly effective methods that I want to share with more people than I can see in person - this motivation led me to create this online course.

You are going to change the way that you think about yourself, think about yourself within the relationship, see your partner from a different perspective, and you will soon be able to work through problems in a totally differently way than before.

I know what works and what doesn't, but I also know that it takes work, care, and patience.

If you've got that, you can do this!

Let's work together to make this relationship more rewarding than you dreamed was possible.

Catching the Little Fox - Online Course

Expert Advice



There's a pattern to what derails the status quo every time, right? We're going to open it up, figure out what's happening, and help you stay in strong, open communication.




When you understand and respect what makes you tick, and them tick, your relationship has limitless potential, and you'll always have the most beautiful things to talk about.




The power of love can flip to hate so quickly. Keeping it on the love side isn't about closing your eyes and crossing your fingers, it's about bravely reaching to each other in every moment.


Society makes it look easy - it's NOT.

What you're seeing in society is an image of what you'd think a good relationship looks like. And of course we'd like to mimic this relationship.
Social media and television is not consistent with real life relationships.
But there is a way to have a healthy loving relationship - by doing the hard work with determination and perseverance, to make this goal happen. It will.
It takes a professional to work through these deep-seated issues with you - and in-person therapy is expensive, inconvenient, and coming together to have the therapy can be an even greater stress on your fragile relationship.
This is why my online course is the ideal solution!
Now you can learn these skills yourself on line, together or on your own, in this simple, clear, insightful and empowering online video course I've made for you
It's called
Catching The Little Fox
It's a new, unique therapeutic method learning effective ways of building intimacy, creating goals, working through circular arguments and preventing them, how to work through inner conflict and understand the struggle that's going on inside you, in ways of communicating their inner needs.
Catching the Little Fox online course addresses the little things in the relationship before they turn into bigger ones. 
Because Prevention is better than Cure

What the Course Looks Like -
It's an online video course you can watch together or on your own
What you Get -
Lifetime access to the video course, always a click away
How it Works -
I introduce two "characters" who role-play their relationships issues for you - simply watch each video in turn, to see and hear me talk them through their issues and set them on track to lasting happiness. You can just listen to it rather than watch it, if you prefer, and take it with you whatever you're doing. 
How Long it Takes -
You could binge it in a weekend, or take it in twenty minute chunks when it's convenient for you. There's a lot of ground covered, though, so I recommend you take it bit by bit and let it settle in, fitting my advice to your own life and giving your brain a chance to process each piece in order to get the most out of the program.

Watch my video below to find out why I called my course "Catching the Little Fox"


Catching the Little Fox
Online Course
is just


Invest today and change the course of your marriage forever.

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Catching the Little Foxes

The Benefits of Having Good Relationship Skills


Build Intimacy

End the Pattern of Circular Arguments

See your Partner from a Deeper Perspective

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Imagine yourself in a healthy relationship, working with someone that you love, and building towards a future that you desire. Through consistency, hard work, determination and cooperation, you can achieve this dream for yourself and your partner.

You see a happy old couple, and you think,

"How do they do it?"


Now, if you were to ask them, do you think they'd say,

"We don't know, we just kind of muddle along and hope for the best,"

or do you think they'd say,

"Deep respectful understanding of each others' needs and always going the extra mile to meet them."

You know the answer. Let me teach you how.

Let's change your relationship now for the better!

Yes! I want this kind of relationship!